Buy 1600W Antminer Power Supply


1600w Antminer Power supply

APW3++ 1600W Power supply is specifically designed for crypto mining, the revolutionary digital crypto-currency that may be used anywhere in the world. This power supply provides advanced system stability while mining.

Mining has never been easier!


1600w Antminer Power supply

As the world is developing the threat of cyber-attacks and other hacking also increasing. To overcome this everyone is using the high security-driven devices in their daily use. The same happens in the currency also. Nowadays people are using and investing more in digital currencies. The best part of digital currency is that it required a large number of codes to crack them. For that better devices are required which must have a very strong power supply. We are the best supplier of 1600W Antminer Power supply  on our website.

Why Should You Choose Our 1600w Antminer Power Supply?

This product allows you to crack any cryptocurrency code as they are integrated with the best quality of data cable which can give you a proper supply to your devices. This will make your work very smooth and your device can easily handle the pressure of the long line codes. The product is available for pre-order on our website and our first thousands of customers will able to avail of the low price offer on it. It will be delivered to them in 30 days and also have a 30 days warranty on them. They will be installed by our workers only as it is a very delegate product.

How to Place the Order For Your 1600w Antminer power supply?

As it is available on our website where you can go and register yourself for this product. After registering on it you will able to place orders regarding this product and also many other power supply products for your devices. The lucky customers will be able to get this at our discounted price. Hurry up and place your order with KryptoEssence.



DC Voltage


Rated Current
(220V input)


Rated Current
(110V input)


Rated Power
(220V input)


Rated Power
(110V input)


Ripple & Noise


Voltage Regulation


Source Regulation


Load Regulation


Setup, Rise Time


Power off Protection Trip Time


Interface Type  5 pairs of 6 pin PCI-E connectors (i.e. 10 connectors)

Noise Level



Voltage Range

100-240V AC

Starting Voltage

95-105V AC

Frequency Range


Power Factor

>0.95 (full load)

Leakage Current

<1.5mA (220V 50Hz)


Low-voltage Input

80-89V AC

Output Short Circuit


Output Overcurrent

134-185A max.

Overheat Protection


Environment Conditions

Operating Temperature

-20°C – 50°C

Operating Humidity

20% – 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)






Forced-air cooling


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