You will receive a ready to mine OBELISK SC1 that will allow you to mine the most popular digital currencies.

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Obelisk SC1. Buy Obelisk Online

Buy Obelisk SC1 Online, Everything that works in this world required some power source to run. So your devices are also required to have the best power source and you must be in search of that. Then this product article is perfect for you as it not only allows
you to mine digital currencies but also allows you to do a high level of programming. We are the best seller of the Obelisk – SC1 in the market.

Steps for buying this

Buying Obelisk SC1 online is a very simple process and the same as the other online purchasing. With this device, you can feel the speed and smoothness of running your code when you were mining the digital currency on your
computer. All of our products are regularly tested. If you purchase this from us then our experienced workers install them at your house who are working in this field for a long time. You don’t have to do anything as the user interface of our website is very friendly and will give you the proper guide of all the steps required in buying this from us. We also conduct the sale on the demands of our customers.


It is a product that runs remotely from your computer and Mining software is already installed in it. The total weight of this product is 9 kg. It runs on the 120V-240V ac supply.  It tools around 1-15 business days for the shipment of this product. Our product is delivered worldwide with 30 days warranty and return policy.

The Obelisk SC1 specifications are as follows

Manufacturer Obelisk
Model SC1
Release June 2018
Size 200 x 200 x 360mm
Weight 9000g
Chip size 28nm
Noise level 65db
Power 500W
Wires PSU include
Interface Ethernet


Note: The miner comes with a warranty of 180 days for the original purchaser. The warranty starts with the day of shipping.

The Obelisk SC1 Dual comes with two algorithms. You can mine SiaCoin with a maximum hash rate of 1.1 TH/s. There’s the maximum power consumption of 900W that comes with this unit. The two algorithms found on this mining equipment include Blake2B and Blake2B-Sia. Obelisk is the manufacturer, and the unit mainly mines SiaCoin. It’s one of the exotic coins which is highly profitable when the market favors it.

The Profitability of Obelisk SC1 Dual

There’s a profit ratio of 8551 percent that comes with this miner. It has an annual return percentage of 1881 percent. The manufacturer offers a payback period of 19 days. It goes to show the confidence the manufacturer has with this unit. Users are to expect $221 in daily returns. The power cost per day is $2.50.

Warranty of the Obelisk SC1 Dual

The unit comes with a warranty of 180 days. Ensure you read the terms and conditions before making any decisions.


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